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City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion, a 3D racing game in modern cities, will put you in the driver's seat for fierce competition in Run 3!

How to play and outstanding features of City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion offers a variety of racing modes to quench your adrenaline thirst:

  • Solo Showdown: In intense races, test your skills against cunning AI opponents.
  • Two-player challenge: Double the fun by racing a friend in head-to-head combat for local multiplayer glory.
  • Free Ride Frenzy: Unleash your inner courage, explore vast cityscapes, perform gravity-defying stunts, and sharpen your racing skills.
    Unleash your inner champion with tons of customization
  • City cycling champions are not just about speed; it's about showing off your unique style on the track. With countless customization options, you can:
  • Trick Out Your Ride: Choose from a variety of motorcycles, each with its own handling characteristics to suit your racing style.
  • Prepare to win: Outfit your riders with stylish helmets, bags and apparel to stand out from the competition.
  • Fine-tune your performance: Upgrade your bike's components to optimize speed, acceleration and handling for peak racing performance.
  • Stunning graphics: With the graphics and challenges you see for the first time, you definitely should not miss this game if you don't want to regret it.

Experience the thrill of being a being a city bike racing champion.

City Bike Racing Champion offers an exciting combination of high-speed racing, strategic customization, and stunning 3D visuals. With diverse racing modes, intuitive controls, and tons of customization options, this game is a must-play for any bike racing enthusiast. Are you prepared to embrace the challenge and emerge as the City Cycling Champion? If you seek an even more demanding experience, explore other captivating games such as Tunner Rush and G Switch.