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Escape the Cyber Highway: Burning Rubber through Megalopolis Cyberpunk

Fasten your seat belt and prepare to enter the fierce race at Escape the Cyber Highway. In this game, you enter the neon-lit area of Megalopolis, where towering skyscrapers cast giant shadows and every flashing code is filled with energy.
As a transporter, you are thrust into the city's network of speeding highways, with relentless robot bounty hunters and rogue AI patrols in pursuit. Your only way out? Make your way through this neon maze, push your trusty flying car to its limits and leave a trail of smoking asphalt waiting for this game at Run 3.

Skills you must master to survive on the highway

Glide, Drift and Boost: Train your reflexes to navigate gravity-defying magnetic tracks, make sharp turns at breakneck speeds, and unleash nitro blasts to outpace even enemies. the most difficult pursuit.

Grid Hack: Control traffic lights, activate holographic decoys, and trigger electromagnetic pulse blasts to sow chaos and buy yourself precious seconds.

Customize your ride: Turn your flying car into a sleek speed demon or an armed juggler; upgrade the engine, chassis and on-board AI companion with technology illegally collected from backstage markets.

Smart handling and skill will help you overcome all opponents on this highway.

Evade hordes of droids: Each bounty hunter has unique tactics, from stealth technology to EMP barriers. Learn their patterns, exploit their weaknesses and turn their arsenal against them.

Avoid congestion: navigate dynamic traffic patterns, weave through swarms of automated delivery drones, and dodge lumbering delivery trucks in a neon-striped survival ballet.

Hack Your Freedom: Infiltrate secure data vaults, crack encrypted checkpoints, and discover hidden escape routes by manipulating the city's complex digital infrastructure.
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Conquer challenges at Escape the Cyber Highway

Each district harbors unique dangers, hidden shortcuts, and secrets waiting to be unearthed, from the glittering neon heart of the Core to the lawless Underbelly.

Unravel the conspiracy: As you outrun your pursuers, uncover the truth behind your plot and expose a web of corporate corruption that threatens to engulf the entire city.

Leave your mark: climb the leaderboards, prove your street cred among the elite in the underworld of Megalopolis and become a legendary legend in the alleys and bars of the streets.

Equip and fasten your seat belt and play Cyber Highway Escape now.

The Cyber Highway Escape is a high-octane adrenaline rush waiting to explode. Are you ready to light up the neon, challenge the system, and leave a trail of burned rubber behind you? Download now and prepare for the ultimate digital getaway.