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Face prehistoric fury in a thrilling island confrontation.

DINO SHOOTER PRO throws you into a heart-pounding battle for survival on a dangerous island filled with ferocious dinosaurs. As a lone warrior, you must hone your shooting skills, strategize your attacks, and conquer waves of prehistoric predators to win.

Dive into the dinosaur-tastic world

Diverse Dinosaur Encounters: Face many different types of dinosaurs, each with a unique behavior and attack pattern, keeping you on your guard.
Intense gunplay: Master an arsenal of powerful weapons, from classic shotguns to explosive shotguns, to take down your dino enemies.
Strategic Upgrades: Enhance your character's abilities through the skill tree, unlocking perks and boosts to gain an edge in battle.
Immersive Environment: Explore visually stunning island environments, navigating diverse landscapes while facing the dinosaur threat.
Endless Challenge: Test your skills across a variety of challenging levels, each offering increasingly difficult dinosaur encounters.

Survive Dino's Attack: Tips and Strategies to Win

Mastering the art of killing dinosaurs:

Know your enemy: Research the strengths and weaknesses of each dinosaur to exploit their vulnerabilities and maximize the effectiveness of your attacks.
Correct Aim: In Dino Shooting Pro, precise aiming is critical. Take advantage of cover and strategically move around the environment to get the perfect shots.
Upgrade wisely: Prioritize upgrades that suit your preferred playstyle and combat methods.
Take advantage of the environment: lure dinosaurs into environmental hazards or use obstacles to your advantage for a tactical takedown.
Never give up: Persistence is the key! If you stumble, learn from your mistakes and strategize for your next try.

Join the DINO SHOOTER PRO community and rise to the top!

Connect online with other Dino Hunters, share strategies, discuss game updates, and compete to dominate the leaderboards. The Dino Shooting Pro community provides a vibrant platform to enhance your gaming experience and camaraderie.

Embark on your dinosaur hunting adventure today!

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a dinosaur enthusiast looking for a thrilling challenge, DINO SHOOTER PRO delivers an unforgettable experience. Download now and join the battle for survival on the dinosaur-infested island!