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Neon Rider

Neon Rider

Neon Rider

Overview game Neon Rider

In the thrilling 2D game Neon Rider, ride a bike throughout a neon obstacle course bursting with surprising twists and turns. Neon Rider's simple controls and nostalgic images will help you to go to a time when arcade games were the standard.

Plot of the Neon Rider Game

Although it's simple to crash your bike or drive it into an abyss while not training, the objective of the game is to finish every level fast and precisely.

The controls in this side-scrolling game are simple: click the left mouse button to progress forward and press the space bar to boost your speed. Things get dangerous when you arrive to the plethora of neon ramps evocative of arcades, which force you to perform aerial acrobatics. To what degree will your trick be successful? Your management of speed defines everything.

Enough of practice and a strong knowledge of game mechanics will help you to be well on your way. Once you have perfected your moves while in the air, get ready to rack points. Tricks and perfect landing can help you raise your score even more. Fly through every round, deftly negotiate challenges, collect batteries to activate fire mode. Is this your intended outcome? Riding as far as you can defines this neon-lit trip!

I need something more challenging. Additionally, you can choose the color of your bike to match any level in the game.

Experience the excitement of this arcade-style game seated in the driver's seat. Lounge about in a vintage style while you rev the engine.

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