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Advertisement is a fun multiplayer social IO game. If you are a student your mission is to try to cause chaos and not get caught. You can pick up objects like paint cans, fire extinguishers to cause carnage. Throwing objects and generally wreaking havoc. If you are caught, you will be sentenced to detention.
If you are a teacher, it is your duty to observe students who misbehave. Identify their names correctly to convict them and reduce the overall level of chaos. If the student chaos level reaches 100, you have lost. You will have a hard time having an angry meeting with a parent.
The game features rounds lasting about 5 minutes with 4 to 12 players. You can create your own prank strategy in a multitude of different maps. You can also build the perfect playing field of destruction in the map editor. Go ahead and prove that you are the most problematic student, or the strictest teacher this school has ever seen.