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Advertisement is a multiplayer io game with epic sea monsters. You control an epic sea dragon, fight and become the strongest. To get bigger, you need to eat aquatic creatures like fish, plankton spheres. The bigger you are, the more you will be a threat to other sea dragons, in return, you will also be preyed upon. When you are in danger you can sprint, but that will reduce your mass. Use it wisely. Your body length is the key to survival. The longer you stay, the more likely you are to get other dragons into the trap. But be careful, no matter how much mass you gain, avoid colliding your head with someone else's body. If you hit your head on an enemy you'll go up in smoke. The higher is level of your favorite dragon, the longer body you start with. Once you're big enough, you can use your body to hunt other players and eat what they leave behind.
Complete missions to have a more beautiful and glittering appearance. Collect cards to unlock new species and upgrade existing ones. Complete missions to get rewards. Spend gold and pearls on Treasury clams to receive more cards. Can you become the leader in the middle of the sea? Play and enjoy relax.