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Advertisement is a cool io game. You are a caring duck that picks up lost ducklings from the pond. Your task is to swim around to collect as many lost ducklings as you can find to bring them safely to your nest. However you are not the only player, other ducks will try to steal your duckling from you so they get the honor.
The game has 400 levels for you to complete. Try to make sure to avoid these other ducks and protect your ducklings as best you can. Watch out for motorboats in the pond as they can lose ducklings and injure you. If you get hit by a boat, the game is over. You should save as many ducklings as you want with each journey. Don't forget to upgrade your house by getting more ducklings and get the best nest in the pond. Every time you reach the target number of ducklings, your nest will be upgraded. Repeat the process of saving the ducklings until your nest becomes a duck fortress.
Play the game and it's time to relax, you are a duck now.