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Advertisement is a shooting io game in the Minecraft, battle royale world. Your goal will be to stay alive as long as possible. To win you must strategically buildcraft, and shoot on the battlefield to gain an advantage. When you are attacked, quickly build yourself a solid wall and take the opportunity to counterattack.  You can use blocks and shovels to modify the terrain however you like, you can build a small house and use it as a shield. You can also mine various resources to upgrade the weapon of your choice. You need to find items such as guns, resources, blocks, potions, and medkits to increase your chance of survival against other players and the toxic fog. And you must carefully manage their inventory to hold the most important items. Play and participate in this exciting game in classic colors, challenge yourself and your intellect, have fun.

Game control:
Use WASD to walk.
Use Space bar to jump.
Use mouse left click and right click to swap items.
Use C to crouch.
Use Shift to sprint.
Use Tab to view map.