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Wheelie Biker

Wheelie Biker

Wheelie Biker

What is a wheelie bike?

Wheelie Biker is a free online game at where you control a biker and perform acrobatic stunts to show off your skills. The game has many different levels, and each level has its own challenges. The goal of the game is to complete each level without falling off the bike.

How to play Wheelie Biker

The game is controlled with arrow keys. To accelerate, press the up arrow key. To brake, press the down arrow key. To lean forward, press the left arrow key. To lean back, press the right arrow key.

To perform a rolling motion, press and hold the up arrow key and then lean back. To end the wheel, release the up arrow key.

Some tips for playing Wheelie Biker for you to win

Here are some tips for playing Wheelie Biker:

Use the arrow keys to control the cyclist's balance.
Lean forward when going uphill and lean back when going downhill.
Be careful when turning, as cyclists are more likely to fall off their bikes when turning.
Use the wheel to jump over obstacles.
Do not give up. Wheelie Biker is a challenging game, but all levels can be completed.

There are many different levels for you to try at Wheelie Biker.

Wheelie Biker has many different levels, each with its own challenges. Levels are divided into different worlds, each with its own theme. The first world is City World, which is a collection of levels that take place in a city. The second world is Forest World, which is a set of levels that take place in a forest.

How to unlock new levels in the online Wheelie Biker game.

To unlock new levels, the player must complete the previous level. Players can also unlock new levels by collecting coins. Coins can be collected by completing levels and by finding them hidden throughout the game.

A bike game not to be missed is Wheelie Biker.

Wheelie Biker is a challenging yet rewarding game. The game will definitely test your reflexes and timing. If you are a lover of cycling games, then you should definitely try Wheelie Biker. Surely, you will enjoy and relax with this fun game. If you want to explore more, try playing G switchTunnel Rush and Superkiller. If it's good, please give us a positive review. Thank you!