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Drift Hunters 2

Drift Hunters 2

Drift Hunters 2

If you have ever played Drift Hunters, you will definitely be looking forward to this second version that has just been published! In Drift Hunters 2, you will freely discover the thrill of burning rubber and leaving a trail of smoke behind, and you will reach the finish line as quickly as possible. High-octane racers won't let you sit still so are you ready to take the wheel? All of the racing challenges are here for you to show off and demonstrate your skills.

Speed up and overcome all opponents in Drift Hunters 2.

Drift Hunters 2 takes the core gameplay from its predecessor and injects it with a dose of nitrogen. Result? The white-knuckle drifting experience will test your skills and precision. Here's what awaits you on the way:

How to play and tips for you to win here.

The right car will help you a lot in drifting.

Drift Hunters 2 boasts a diverse collection of iconic custom cars, from classic JDM legends like the Nissan Skyline to European powerhouses like the BMW M3. Each car has its own unique handling characteristics, allowing you to find the perfect drift machine to suit your racing style.

Master all the skills necessary to drift through all the most difficult turns.

Learning to drift like a pro takes practice, but Drift Hunters 2 provides the perfect training ground. With intuitive controls and a well-tuned physics engine, it's easy to start your slide, control your slide angle, and rack up those precious points.

Explore a Wide Range of Performance Customization Options:

Fine-tune your car's performance to maximize your drifting ability. Upgrade your engine, suspension and tires to enhance your car's handling and power. The right setup can make the difference between a sloppy drift and a score-chasing masterpiece.

Train your skills in different modes

Drift Hunters 2 offers a variety of game modes to test your drifting abilities. Hone your skills in single-player challenges, compete against AI opponents, or take on other players in online battles.

Are you ready to overcome all the challenges of Drift Hunters 2?

Drift Hunters 2 is beautiful in its depth. It's not just drifting; it's about perfecting your craft. So, are you ready to become your own inner drift king?
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