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Racing in the Sky at FLYWAY DUO RACE

Embark on an exhilarating aerial adventure with Flyway Duo Race, an exciting racing game that will test your reflexes and competitive spirit. Fly through the dazzling sky, avoid obstacles and collect diamonds as you try to reach your final destination.

There will be no mistakes at the Flyway Dou race.

Flyway Duo Race pits you against your friends in a thrilling race to cover the longest distance. Choose from a variety of unique and colorful vehicles, each with unique handling characteristics. Drive your vehicle through challenging tracks, avoid obstacles and collect diamonds along the way.

Collect diamonds to unlock new cars at Flyway Dou.

Diamonds scattered on the track are used as currency to unlock new cars in the store menu. With each successful race, you will collect more diamonds, expand your vehicle collection, and enhance your gameplay experience.

Overcome such terrains and obstacles to record the Flyway Dou record.

Use ramps strategically to extend your flight and achieve greater distance. Master jump timing to maximize airtime and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Flyway Dou Race: Where you enjoy an adventurous race

Whether you're looking for friendly competition or a cooperative adventure, Flyway Duo Race caters to every gaming preference. Work together to achieve the highest combined score or engage in a head-to-head battle for ultimate bragging rights.

Flyway Duo Race Highlights:

Unique and challenging virtual space racing game
Many quirky and colorful vehicles
The challenges and obstacles you will certainly encounter for the first time
Earn diamonds to unlock new cars.
There is lots of terrain for riders to conquer and push the limits.
Unlimited racing and running through space are waiting for you to conquer them.

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FLYWAY DUO RACE: Speed racing for everyone

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled racing experience with Flyway Duo Race. Download now and join the ranks of skilled pilots who have conquered the skies. Participate in exciting races, collect diamonds and unlock new cars as you dominate the Flyway Duo Race championship.